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Morpheus 8: What You Need to Know

Jun 12, 2023
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Morpheus8 is one of the fastest growing skin rejuvenation treatments on the market. Crowned, "Game Changer", by celebrities, beauty editors and TikTokers, microneedling treatment has received a lot of buzz.

What is Morpheus8?

Morpheus8 is a skin rejuvenation treatment that pairs microneedling with radiofrequency (RF) energy. Microneedling is often called "collagen-induction therapy" because the repeated puncturing of the skin. This causes microtrauma that initiates a recovery cascade of collagen production in the skin. Adding in radiofrequency energy causes exfoliation and collagen remodeling. Thus, improving the overall texture and tone of the skin at the same time allows the skin to tighten.

The Benefits

  • improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • firms and tightens mildly lax skin, including on the eyelids
  • smooths skin texture
  • reduces the appearance of large pores
  • treats hyperpigmentation, acne, acne scarring, and rosacea
  • helps fade stretch marks

What to Expect

- The provider will begin by cleaning and prepping the skin. 

- The, they will cover the area about to be treated with topical numbing gel or cream (may take an hour to fully numb the skin)

- The device allows providers to customize the depth of the radiofrequency heat delivered by its microneedles, to reach different depths of the dermal layers (e.g., superficial, intermediate, deep) and target specific skin concerns. Once the settings are adjusted, your provider should begin with a test spot, to make sure you don’t have any adverse reactions. 

- Then they will methodically stamp the handpiece across your skin, allowing the needles to penetrate below the surface and deliver the radiofrequency energy. The number of passes and amount of energy delivered into the tissue depends on the treatment area and desired goals.

- When the treatment is done, redness may occur in the treated areas.

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