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Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers services offered in San Antonio, Seguin and LaVernia, TX

If you’ve lost facial volume due to the natural aging process, dermal fillers can plump up your skin. At Ross Dermatology, our medical dermatologists offer dermal fillers in a very NATURAL way to turn back time sagging skin, wrinkles, and thinning lips. Dr. Kim Ross is an artist and uses these skills to beautifully enhance your appearance!

We carry multiple fillers, including

  • Restylane (Kysse)
  • Juvederm (Volbella, Voluma, etc.)

We also are members of Ale' and Aspire so you will earn points for money back on each treatment

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Beautiful skin makes a difference!

What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are cosmetic injectables that help plump up your skin, restoring lost facial volume. As you age, your body stops producing as much collagen and elastin as it once did. This is a normal part of life, but it causes your skin to become thin, saggy, and wrinkly.

Dermal fillers prevent this and other issues by enhancing your facial features. After a filler enters your body, it encourages the production of specific proteins, making your skin look smoother.

What types of problems can dermal fillers treat?

At Ross Dermatology, the team uses dermal fillers to:

  • Add volume to loose and sagging skin
  • Make facial features more symmetrical
  • Plump up the lips or cheeks
  • Smooth out wrinkles or creases

You might also benefit from fillers if you take prescription medication for HIV/AIDS. These drugs can make you look gaunt, but fillers can restore lost facial volume.

What are the types of dermal fillers?

At Ross Dermatology, the team offers Hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal fillers. HA is a naturally occurring substance that your body produces. It keeps your skin hydrated and gives it volume. 

What does getting dermal fillers involve?

First, Dr. Kim Ross MD reviews your medical history and asks about your goals. Then, she discusses where the injections should be to keep your face looking NATURAL. Before administering the injections, Dr. Ross, Dermatology specialist explains the potential risks and recovery time.

Next, your Ross Dermatology specialist applies a topical anesthetic to your skin. After the anesthetic sets in, they administer a series of filler injections. The number of injections you receive depends on your age and goals.

What is recovery like after getting dermal fillers?

After Dr. Ross administers the dermal fillers, she will give you an ice pack to minimize the swelling.

In the days after your appointment, it’s normal to experience redness, bruising, and discomfort. Typically, the side effects are mild and don’t prevent you from working or other activities. Arnica is helpful to decrease bruising. We also offer complimentary Pulse Dye Laser to decrease bruising faster.

To see if you’re a candidate for dermal fillers, make an appointment at Ross Dermatology by calling the nearest office or booking online today. 210-227-ROSS