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As many as 50 million Americans have acne. If your acne doesn’t respond to over-the-counter treatments, it’s crucial to seek professional help. At Ross Dermatology, medical dermatologists Kim Ross MD, Ronald Davis MD, and the team provide complete care for acne. After an exam and a review of your symptoms, they can make treatment recommendations to help improve your skin health.

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What is acne?

Acne is a common problem that occurs when your hair follicles become clogged with dead skin cells and oil. Over time, that buildup results in pimples, pustules, and whiteheads. 

Anyone can experience acne, but it’s most common in teens and young adults.  Untreated, patient can develop scarring and emotional issues such as depression and low self-esteem.

What are the symptoms of acne?

The symptoms of acne include:

  • Closed plugged pores (whiteheads)
  • Open plugged pores (blackheads)
  • Pimples and redness
  • Large, painful bumps under the skin (nodules)

As the condition worsens, you might also experience painful, cystic lesions.

When should I see a dermatologist about acne?

Make an appointment with the team at Ross Dermatology if you have acne and it doesn’t improve with self-care remedies. You may also seek a dermatologist if your outbreaks are persistent or severe, and they affect your quality of daily life.

What causes acne?

Various factors increase your risk of acne, including:

  • Hormonal changes
  • Taking certain prescription medications, like corticosteroids
  • Eating a diet that’s rich in carbohydrates
  • Having a stressful lifestyle

Acne can form anywhere on your body, but it’s most common on the face, neck, shoulders, and chest.

How is acne diagnosed?

To diagnose acne, your Ross Dermatology specialist reviews your medical records, asks about your symptoms, and examines your skin. After assessing the location and severity of your acne, they make treatment recommendations. 

How is acne treated?

Treatment for acne depends on various factors, including your age and type of acne and symptoms

The goal of treatment is to control your acne, prevent skin damage, and make acne scars less noticeable.

The team also provides comprehensive treatment for rosacea.

How long does acne treatment take?

The time that acne treatment takes varies from person to person. To ensure a positive and lasting outcome, carefully follow your Ross Dermatology specialist’s instructions, take any medication as prescribed, and attend each of your checkups.

To learn more about the treatment options for acne and rosacea, make an appointment at Ross Dermatology by calling the nearest office or booking online today. 210-227-ROSS